Searching Italian Records

Tip:  To locate a specific comune (=U.S. town), province (=U.S. county) or region (=U.S. state), try one of the many search engines available (e.g.,
Archivi di Stati (State Archives of Italy) which house the Italian civil vital records. Depending upon the province, you may locate records from 1809-1930 or later. Currently, more than half of the provinces are online with all of the provinces projected to be online by 2023. Click this URL to check the progress of the posting of your province’s records:
Describes research of Italy’s records and the available sources at the Archivi di Stati (State Archives of Italy).
Research tools and links for Italian genealogy research.  Includes guides and tutorials.
Italian records which are located at a Latter Day Saints Family History Center or at a participating library. Some records are available online. Depending upon the province, you may locate records from 1809-1865. Requires a free account.
Tip:  Use both sites, Antenati and Family Search, for all Italian civil vital records that you can access from the U.S. without writing to Italy.

Parish Records are typically available in person or by writing the specific parish in Italy. For help searching these records, please refer to one of the sources under ‘Italian Research Books. Search for Italian records by clicking on the menu ‘Search’ then ‘All Collections’ and select ‘Italy’ under the ‘Collection Focus’ at the bottom of the page
Links to some commune records
Nulla Osta per il Mondo: Museo digitale dell’emigrazione da Cento
Online Museum of Immigration from Cento, FE, Italy

Some of these sites offer online resources for provinces or districts not covered by  If you know of a province or district that has an online resource for records not covered by, please email with that information.


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