Thanksgiving Family Conversation

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I always loved Thanksgiving when I was younger, living at home with my parents and siblings. My mother made a traditional American Thanksgiving meal and of course, raviolis and meatballs. Oh the smell of the turkey! There was always an abundance of food. Because there was so much eating and sitting around the table, the conversations were endless. We chatted about the present day happenings but also about life when my parents were younger, how difficult times were and what they ate on holidays. They told about the games they played as kids to occupy their time and about relatives that had passed or hadn’t. The dialogue was often loud and if there were guests at the table they would think we were fighting when in fact we were just talking! As the day drifted on, more relatives came with more food and conversation. When the table cleared, the playing cards came out for Scat (31) with as many as could fit around the table. What good times and priceless memories!

Start or continue the family history conversation in your family this holiday. Click here for a link with questions to keep the your Thanksgiving dinner conversation and anytime conversations interesting and ongoing. With the cell phone technology today, it has never been easier to record or video conversations and traditions to last a lifetime. Enjoy!

Write about how you keep your family history conversation alive in the comment section below.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!




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